Saturday, May 01, 2010


What an early morning for me. I went to bed this morning at 3:30... tossed and turned and listened to my sansa for about an hour and then woke up at 6:50 not even tired. My stomach still hurts pretty bad from the antibiotics I am on but today is my last day and I have already taken the last one. Thank God.

3 weeks and counting tomorrow. Pretty amazing. Its the crazy willpower I have.. but in the return for that... my eating has gone all confusing. I went through a 2 week binge and now I have to go back to my more raw diet and take away the meat. I have taken out red meat, that is gone and I have ate shrimp, chicken.. and that's it. For the past 2 days I have eaten bananas, yogurt, apples.. and basically as much fresh organic produce as possible. I probably sound like a crazy person but I am trying to do a 120 on everything and eventually within the next 2 years when Rick and I are more financially stable and whatnot we can attempt to have a baby and see what happens.

Work is going well, I just need to make sure I am working 40 hours and not leaving for appointments or anything like that. I need to buckle down and not take ooh.. and to try to tough it out if I am not feeling well. ugh.

That's it for now.. I have to finish up stuff for my classes... joy of finals week.



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